Arctic Cat ZR Installation

’99 & Newer ZR, ZRT, Thundercat, ZL & EXT Tunnel Extensions

Arctic Cat 121” to 136” or 144”

Tunnel Preparation:

  1. Remove bumper / snow flap assembly. You can either loosen the seat and prop up or
    completely remove seat assembly. It can sometimes be easier to just remove the seat for
    tunnel extension installation.
  2. After the snow flap / bumper assembly is removed, the aluminum close off or end cap in the
    back of the tunnel will be visible. This will have to be removed in order for the tunnel extension
    to be placed on the inside of your existing tunnel. Care needs to be taken when removing this
    close off. The exposed edge on the back of the tunnel will be visible so you will want to use a
    straight edge or square to mark a straight line prior to cutting.
  3.  Your tunnel extension will come with a hardware package. The small headed 3/16” rivets are
    to be placed around the top and sides of the extension. Failure to use all of them when
    attaching could result in product failure
  4. Place the tunnel extension inside of the snowmobile tunnel and use clamps to hold in place.
    There are tabs on the leading edge that will be placed over the back end of the snowmobiles
    running board. These will be held in place by the ¼” bolts/nuts/washers provided. There are
    numerous pre-marked holes in the tunnel extension where rivets are meant to be placed. Drill
    these out to 3/16” and install rivets.
  5.  Once main tunnel extension if fastened, take the U-shaped hose protector that is included,
    place over exposed hose in the top rear of tunnel and drill / rivet into place.
  6. Your bumper / snow flap assembly can now be reattached to the tunnel extension. The seat
    can also be installed at this time as well 
Note: Our ’99 and newer tunnel extension will not work for ’98 and older applications. The sides of 
the ’98 and older snowmobiles do not go back as far and there would be an exposed area 
where the tunnel extension and existing tunnel would not overlap.
Arctic Cat R Installation Pic