Camso DTS 129 Snow Bike Kits

Camso DTS 129 Snow Bike Kit

Motocross Agility, Snowmobile Performance.

The Camso DTS Snow Bike Kit dominates
track and trail in every season.

The new, cutting-edge Camso dirt-to-snow bike conversion system is a universal conversion kit that lets you switch gears from the dirt track to snowy trail with ease. The Camso DTS 129 system is fitted with Camso's high-performance track and is one of the lightest systems available. The easy-to-use conversion system allows you to upgrade your ride and maximize your dirt bike enjoyment all year. Conquer the deep snow & go where no motorcycle has gone before with the Camso DTS 129!

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The Camso DTS 129 Top Features:

Ski Design - unique 4-keel ski with replaceable angle blade for smooth side-to-side transitions

Single Rail Suspension - single rail suspension technology maintains typical dirt bike behavior

Skin Cover with an Integrated Cargo Back - easily carry and attach gas or gear needed for your ride

Track Design - especially made for snow bike needs 12.5 x 129 x 2.5 in.

Drive System - Lightweight dual chain tensionner allow to perform primary and secondary chain adjustment individually

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