Cross Country Tracks

Cross Country Tracks

Camoplast Cross-Country
Tracks at Tracks USA

If you prefer racking up the miles in the deeper, looser snow of the back country or taking your adventure off the beaten path once in a while, you need Camoplast / Camso Cross Country tracks. Cross country tracks match your love for cruising well-groomed trails through the woods but give you the freedom to forge your own trail when you see fit. Camoplast / Camso Cross Country Tracks match your passion for snowmobiling and give you the control to handle whatever comes your way.

At Tracks USA, we've got you, and your sled, covered when it comes to top of the line cross-country tracks. We stock a huge variety of cross-country tracks from the best brand in the business, Camso / Campolast.

Camoplast Back Country Tracks

When you need the versatility to switch between trail riding and off-trail exploring, the Camoplast Back Country tracks are what you need, and we've got them in three different variations. Camoplast Back Country X tracks have the standard Back Country track arched lug design with staggered snocross-inspired pattern to increase soft snow traction, but drive pitch models will now featured tapered lugs on outside edges for improved durability. The Camoplast Back Country X2 tracks are upgraded even further and include rigid lug support and optimized rubber compound to further deliver even greater on/off trail performance.

Camoplast Challenger Trail Tracks

Camoplast Challenger Trail tracks and Camoplast Challenger Lite trail tracks come with saw-tooth-tipped lugs that provide excellent handling, acceleration, and breaking on packed trails, while the flexible lug design of Camoplast Cobra tracks mean excellent off-trail performance without sacrificing top speeds.

Camoplast CrossOver Tracks

If you want to make some tracks after a big snowfall, the Camoplast Crossover tracks are for you. Perfect for riding in soft, loose snow and available in greater lengths, Camoplast CrossOver tracks are designed for both on and off trail riding.

Camoplast Cobra Tracks

Designed for ICE technology, Camoplast Cobra tracks feature cupped lugs for superior acceleration and breaking in fresh powder. Cobra tracks are more rigid and better for hard-packed, on-trail performance, but also feature flexible lugs that allow for comparable off-trail performance as well.

Camoplast ICE Cobra Tracks

Camoplast ICE Cobra tracks also utilize flexible lug design meant for excellent off-trail performance without sacrificing top speed. Cupped lugs for superior handling, acceleration and braking in soft loose snow trails mean unique traction teeth for extra grip on hard-packed snow surfaces. Ice Cobra tracks are factory pre-studded for improved traction and confidence.

Camoplast Intense Tracks

The name says it all- Camoplast Intense tracks feature 1.5” lugs which provide aggressive traction for crossover riders who prefer on-trail riding. Saw-tooth lug design provide excellent handling, acceleration and braking on groomed, hard-packed trails.

Camoplast Ripsaw Tracks

Crossover riders who prefer on-trail riding will love the traction of the Camoplast Ripsaw and Ripsaw Lite tracks because they feature aggressive angled lugs that offer outstanding forward and lateral bite on groomed trails. With “chopped” lug design for superior handling, acceleration and braking on groomed, hard-packed trails, Camoplast Ripsaw tracks deliver excellent durability and longevity for miles and miles of riding.

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