Help from TRACKS USA

Finding the right track

Snowmobile tracks to fit your application can be found on the TRACKS page and by selecting from six categories:

   * Trail

   * Cross Country

   * Mountain

   * Racing

   * Touring

   * Utility

Under each category, the shorter, low-lug snowmoblile tracks are listed first with the longest, deepest lug designs being last. Since these categories are necessarily broad, overlapping of the categories will be found. For example, some snowmobile trail tracks will apply to deep snow applications and some deep snow tracks will apply to trail applications.

Application and interchangability

Generalizing, since the early 1980s, snowmobile tracks of the same length are interchangeable among brands of snowmobiles. Most snowmobile tracks of this era are 15 inches wide with a 2.52" pitch and 8-7/8" rail center. Lengths of snowmobile tracks found in this configuration are the standard short track 121", the Polaris 133.5", and the generally universal 136", the 141" found on Polaris and Yamaha, and the 144", 151", 156", 159", and 162" used by all.

In the last few years a few new, unique sizes of snowmobile tracks have appeared:

Arctic Cat Firecat: Standard size of 13.5" wide by 128" long with the standard 2.52" pitch and 8-7/8" rail center. There were also optional 144" and 151" snowmobile tracks of this 13.5" width being made.  They only size Camoplast currently manufacturers today is the 128" length.

Arctic Cat Mountain sleds:  3.00 Pitch in length of 141", 153" and 162", width of 15". Rail centers remain at 8-7/8". This snowmobile track will work on other brands if the drive spockets are changed to 3.00" pitch.

POLARIS: Starting in ’08: 2.86” pitch Mountain tracks.

Ski Doo: 16" Wide: Pitch at 2.52" and rail center at 8-7/8" remain the same. This snowmobile track may be used in other brand snowmobiles if tunnel width is adequate of accommodate the 16" width. Starting in ’08: 2.86” pitch in 120” & 137” Trail Tracks. Also, 16” wide x 2.5” lug x 146”, 154”, & 163” in 2.86” pitch Challenger tracks.

Yamaha: New starting in '07 Phaser are 14" wide tracks that are 121" and 144" long. These are 2.52" pitch and the rail spacing is 8-7/8" so the tracks will work on all 8-7/8" machines.
Yamaha also uses 16” wide x 3.00” pitch tracks in their mountain sleds.


All snowmobile track, rail extension, tunnel extension, and misc. orders can be placed via telephone or online.  By calling and having TRACKS USA personnel visit with you regarding your order assures that you are getting the correct product for your application. Our goal is to get the best performing product for the application and price range to you in the fastest, most economical way.  If specials orders are being placed, prepayment is required at time of order. 


Tracks ordered before 3:00 PM are usually shipped the same day. All shipping is via UPS or USPS.  Minnesota shipping is $10 per track. Most track shipments to Iowa and Wisconsin are charged $25 - $30 depending upon weight of track. Most trail tracks shipped via UPS Ground to lower 48-state area outside the above will be charged between $30 - $35. Heavier tracks (exceeding 40 lbs.) shipped via UPS Ground to lower 48-state area will usually be charged between $25 to $50 depending upon distance.
Alaska, Canada and other areas outside the 48 states, please inquire.
UPS 2-Day and Next-Day Air services are available for an additional charge. Please inquire.

Exchanging and returning product

Tracks, tunnel and rail extensions and other non special order items can be exchanged for like product from TRACKS USA within 15 days of delivery at purchase price less taxes and shipping. Any product being returned for refund will also be charged a 10% credit card transaction fee.  After 15 days, a 15% restocking fee will apply. Any product that is modified, altered, or marked in any way is not returnable. (TRACKS USA extensions with bolt or rivet marks on them are not returnable.)

All stocking track inventory products can be returned within 30 days of delivery with a 15% restocking fee. Special order products cannot be returned unless so arranged at the time of ordering.  There will be no returns allowed on Camoplast race tracks.