KFI Plows & Warn Winch Accessories

KShop FI Plow & Warn Winch Accessories

Clear Snow, Move Gravel,
Push Dirt & Get More Done

KFI Plows & WARN Winches for your ATV make it easy to get the job done faster.

Clear a parking lot or get the landscaping done easier than ever with heavy-duty ATV plow and winch attachments from Tracks USA. KFI Plows are made from top-grade steel to stand up to years of heavy use, and WARN winches allow you to move the plow up and down for convenient flexibility.

Check out our selection of durable, hardworking KFI Plows and WARN Winches below, and give us a call at (320) 382-6128 to find yours today!

Mounting Kits

KFI ATV Plow Kits

KFI ATV Plow Kits push snow straight ahead or to the sides up to 25 degrees, measure 16" tall and 48" wide and have fully-adjustable blade skids with bolt-on brackets.


KFI UTV Plow Kits

KFI UTV Plow Kits are designed with the same heavy-duty features as the ATV system with more design put into strengthening the plow to withstand the forces of larger UTVs.

 Shop Winch Mounting System

Winch Mounting Kits

Winch Mounting Systems are constructed with thick 11 and 12-gauge steel with extra-heavy ribbing for added rigidity. The boxed design adds further support.

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