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Conquer Steep Slopes with Camoplast Mountain Tracks

Mountain tracks are for riders who relish any trip that involves high country open meadows filled with deep snow. When you're taking on deep powder, you need a mountain track that can get you through it. Mountain tracks are lightweight for maximum traction and flotation, and are built to tackle high altitude terrain and steep slopes.

Discover the Camoplast / Camso Difference

Camso / Camoplast Conquer Tracks

The Conquer 280 is the newest mountain track by Camso (Camoplast), designed to advance your mountain journey. The Conquer is the lightest mountain design track, providing the ultimate in flotation, traction and performance. Its next generation lug geometry reaches new levels of balance in deep snow. The lightweight model increases available horsepower thanks to less rotating mass.

Camso / Camoplast Challenger Tracks

Since its inception in the early 90's, Camoplast Challenger Tracks have been the benchmark deep lug for mountain riding in deep snow. Versatile and reliable, Challenger tracks are designed to deliver outstanding all-around performance in a wide range of mountain riding conditions. The original Camoplast Challenger Tracks have spawned many modified versions, all with their own specialties but built with the same quality basics in mind.

Camso / Camoplast Challenger X3.2 Tracks

Built on the performance of the Challenger X3, the X3.2 features the tallest lugs on the market. With notched lug tips for improved performance, it's one of the most versatile mountain tracks on the market. The saw-tooth lug design boasts improved traction and control on packed snow.

Camso / Camoplast Challenger X3 Tracks

Based on the original Challenger track design, Camoplast Challenger X3 Tracks boast 3" lugs and are among some of the tallest in the market. For mountain riders who crave performance in extreme powder or boondocking through the trees, this deep-snow technical track provides an efficient and light ride.

Camso / Camoplast Challenger Extreme Tracks

Another incarnation of the Challenger Track, Challenger Extreme Tracks are built with even higher lugs and make boondocking bottomless powder and climbing the steepest chutes easier than ever.

Camso / Camoplast Peak 2.5 Tracks

The Peak 2.5 Mountain Track performs across a wide variety of snow conditions with 2.5" angular lugs. The tracks funnel snow under your snowmobile for extra traction and outstanding flotation. Outer lug bars deliver better lateral control for improved handling.

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