SKi-Doo XP Installation

Ski-Doo XP Chassis Tunnel Extensions

XP-5 / XP-9 / XP-12
Tunnel Preparation:
  1. Begin by removing your bumper, snow flap and tail light assembly. You will need these
    pieces for reassembly.
  2.  After removing the snow flap / bumper, you will find the aluminum end cap in the back of
    the tunnel exposed. This will also need to be removed.
  3.  You should now have a blank rear tunnel for placement of tunnel extension.
Installation Procedure:
  1. Place main piece of tunnel extension inside existing tunnel of snowmobile. You will find the
    bent up lip on the top / front leading edge of tunnel extension will need to be butted up against
    the back of the cooling extrusion.
  2.  Use clamps to hold in position and drill several 3/16” holes for rivets to hold in place. You
    will find all attaching hardware in plastic bag. (For Summit chassis sleds: you will find some
    minor trimming will need to be done on the bottom leading edge of the tunnel extension.
    Summit chassis are tapered thinner than standard XP / Renegade short track sleds. )
  3. Once in proper position, drill all holes necessary and rivet in place for proper attachment.
  4. Take smaller cover piece of tunnel extension and test fit over top of cooling extrusion /
    tunnel extension. You will want to overlap your cooling extrusion as well as insuring snow flap /
    tail light assembly extends over the rear of cover for proper fitment. Once proper position is
    found, drill holes for 3/16” rivets. (Do not attach at this time.)
  5. Locate wire and six butt connectors found in hardware package. You will need to splice a
    section of wire into the tail light harness in order to relocate back whatever length of tunnel
    extension you are installing. At this time, cut the three wires comprising the harness and splice
    in a section of wire for each.
  6.  Place wire cover portion of tunnel extension back into place (covering up wiring harness) and
    rivet into place.
  7.  You can now install the snow flap, tail light and bumper.
    XP 1