Ski-Doo ZX Installation

Ski-Doo ZX Style Chassis Tunnel Extensions

ZX 121” to 136” or 144”
Tunnel Preparation:
  1. Remove bumper / snow flap assembly. You can either loosen the seat and prop up or completely remove
    seat assembly. It can sometimes be easier to just remove the seat for tunnel extension installation
  2.  After the snow flap / bumper assembly is removed, the aluminum close off or end cap in the back of the
    tunnel will be visible. This will have to be removed by drilling out rivets so clearance with the track is not an
    issue. See picture below                                                                                                     ZX 1
  3. Your tunnel extension will come with a hardware package. The small headed 3/16” rivets are to be placed
    around the top and sides of the extension. Failure to use all of them when attaching could result in product
    failure. Drill holes evenly spaced around the top and sides of tunnel extension for rivet placement. 
  4. Place the tunnel extension on the outside of the snowmobile tunnel and use clamps to hold in place. The
    ¼” bolts, nuts and washers are to be placed where the front bumper holes were once located. You will need
    to drill the tunnel extension at these locations out to ¼”.ZX 2 
  5. Your bumper / snow flap assembly can now be reattached to the tunnel extension. You will find two pilot
    holes on each side of the tunnel extension towards the back. This is where the bumper will now be located.
    There will be large, black headed rivets to attach the snowflap that are included in the hardware package.
    The seat can also be installed at this time as well.ZX 3ZX 4