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Tame the trails, no matter the conditions. From cruisers seeking smooth handling for big-mile efficiency to touring groomed trails all day long, we're your #1 source for premium trail tracks. Tracks USA provides a complete inventory of trail tracks to get you through any outdoor adventure.

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Trail Tracks We Offer:

Storm 150 Tracks - NEW

Experience improved traction control and acceleration with Camso Storm 150 tracks. Their deeper lugs provide riders with greater throttle input and greater comfort. The track’s design symmetry and geometric profile keeps your snowmobile firmly planted for better hauling at higher speeds. Choose the innovative solution that pushes riders to new heights.

Hacksaw Tracks

Crescent lug design with recessed tips and cutting edges for good forward and lateral bite on hard-packed groomed trails. Features rigid lugs for excellent durability and longevity for miles and miles of use as well as narrow lug base for less rolling resistance and maximum top speed.

Ice Attak Pre-Studded Tracks

Top handling and speed for trail cruising, popular with trail cruisers, with tried and tested sharp-tip studs. An excellent choice for snowmobiles that cannot fit taller tracks. It’s designed to deliver outstanding top speed and handling on hard-packed snow. This track is factory pre-studded with aggressive 31-point stud pattern and a HackSaw-based lug design for good top speed and handling on hard-packed snow.

Ripsaw II Tracks

All-around performer in all types of snow and designed for all-around trail performance. Excellent traction on both hard-packed and loose, less-compacted snow with ride comfort features. Includes tapered outside lug edges for less side bite when cornering and sharp, angled lugs for excellent bite on hard-packed snow. A cupped center and full outer lugs provide for for traction on loose, less-compacted snow. The lug design generates less noise for improved rider comfort on hard-packed, groomed trails.

Ripsaw 1 Tracks

This track features excellent durability and traction. One of the best trail tracks ever offered and still a bestseller today. Features rigid, hard-wearing lugs for mile after mile of dependable use. Comes in a wide range of sizes to fit many different snowmobile models. This is the benchmark model for high-performance trail tracks, with excellent durability and traction on groomed or hard-packed snow. Includes rigid lugs that provide superior handling, acceleration, and braking on groomed trails. Narrow lug base provides reduced rolling resistance and maximum top speed, as well as angled profiles for aggressive forward and lateral bite.

Predator / Carve Tracks

The Predator, or Carve, as it is sometimes referred to, marked the beginning of the 1.25" lug era in the late 1990s. It is still one of the most durable and best all-around performing 1.25" lug tracks available.

Ice Attak XT Tracks

Handles and holds. This original factory pre-studded track is a proven performer. With a design that gives riders outstanding handling and stability, it’s a true classic. Factory pre-studded for improved traction and control. This track features 1.25" lug height for improved traction and stability and RipSaw-based attack angled lugs for excellent forward and lateral bite.


Flexible lug design means excellent off-trail performance without sacrificing top speed. Cupped lugs provide for superior handling, acceleration, and braking on soft, loose snow trails. Unique traction teeth result in extra grip on hard-packed snow surfaces.

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