UTV Accessories: Helmets and Tires

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UTV Accessories For Sale Lake Lillian, MN

Your UTV comes in handy when you need to accomplish heavy-duty tasks during the week and also provides you with countless adrenaline rushes on the weekend. Whether you use your side by side for fun, work, or a bit of both, it’s important to invest in the right accessories to go with it. Some of the most essential UTV accessories mentioned here will improve your performance as well as enhance your safety. Keep reading to learn more about the options and when you’re ready to browse, visit us at Tracks USA in Lake Lillian, MN.

UTV Helmets

If you’re a veteran rider, you probably know that one of the most critical side by side accessories you’ll need is a protective helmet. You’ll want to choose a DOT-rated UTV helmet that’ll offer superior protection. We suggest you to check out motocross helmets, which are perfect when with goggles because they’re lightweight and breathable.

Another option to consider is the fresh air helmet, which includes a blower motor with an air filter. It refreshes and cools off the user while scrubbing dust out of the air and forcing clean air into the helmet. It also eliminates foggy visors. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of safety and style, consider a three-quarter side by side helmet. It meets safety standards and can be used in most racing organizations.

UTV Tires & Wheels

The list of important side by side accessories doesn’t stop there. You’ll also want to think about your options for UTV tires and wheels. The stock tires that come on new models are often designed for general purpose or all-terrain use. This means you’ll be able to tackle various types of terrain and obstacles. These are sufficient for many riders, but some people are looking for something a bit different.

For instance, if you've got a very specific type of riding in mind, you might benefit from a set of specialized UTV tires. If you use the wrong tires for a certain task or type of riding, you’re likely to cause excessive wear and tread damage. If you’re a mudding fanatic, look into mud tires. If you prefer sand riding, go with sand tires. Hard pack/dual sport tires can handle a bit of everything. They often resemble the design and tread pattern found on off-road truck tires.

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