Yamaha Apex Installation

2003 & Newer Yamaha RX1, Apex, Warrior, Rage & Vector

’07 & Older Nytro
121” to 136” or 144” Tunnel Extension

Tunnel Preparation:

  1. Remove seat, bumper, snow flap and plastic around exhaust so your sled appears as in
    photos below:                                                                                                                                      APX 1                             APX 2

Attaching Tunnel Extension:

  1. You will find numerous pilot holes located around you tunnel extension. These holes all
    need to be filled with the rivets found in your hardware package. If you do not chose to utilize
    all the mounting locations, your tunnel extension could loosen or become weak over time and
  2. The tunnel extension will telescope over the top of your existing tunnel with the front
    outside / outer edge of the tunnel extension butting up against the curled lip on your running
    board. This is shown in pictures below                                                                                                               .APX 3 APX 4

Fascia / Seat / Bumper Re-installation:

  1. Attach snow flap using four (4) black rivets included in hardware package.
  2. Install bumper using holes pre drilled in tunnel extension and hardware found already in
  3. Plastic filler piece that goes between dual exhaust will need to be trimmed along sides as
    well as on top to accommodate the wider tunnel extension. Make several small cuts so as to
    not create any large gaps. On 136” tunnel extensions, you will need to make a hole on each
    side for the new bumper to telescope into. Please view photos below for these steps.APX 5