Yamaha Nitro Installation

2008 & Newer Yamaha Nytro 136 / 144 Tunnel Extension Installation

Tunnel Preparation:

  1. Remove rear bumper, snow flap, plastic cover around exhaust, as well as tunnel end cap.
    Loosen tail light from tunnel and allow to hang out of the way.
  2.  You now have a blank rear tunnel ready to accept the tunnel extension.
Installation Procedure:
  1. Begin by placing the tunnel extension inside of your existing tunnel. You will notice pilot
    holes placed in the tunnel extension that will line up with holes already existing in your tunnel.
    You can place the 3/16” rivets in several holes to assure alignment prior to actually attaching
    the extension.
  2. Once aligned, clamp the tunnel extension in place and place a rivet in all the holes pre-existing in both your tunnel and tunnel extension.
  3. After tunnel extension is in place, take the tunnel end cap and place in tunnel extension and
    rivet in place.                                                                                                        YN 1YN 2
  4. Once the tunnel extension / end cap are riveted into place, you can reattach your snow flap,
    bumper and tail light. The tail light will remain in stock location unless you have decided to
    purchase our tail light wiring extension and are going to relocate it toward the back of the
  5.  After installation of tunnel extension is complete, you can now reattach all plastic facia
    around your exhaust exit / rear of seat.